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Our Artist Statement

At The Glittered Squirrel, we believe in drink flair! We take an ordinary tumbler and make it fantastic. We begin with a stainless-steel tumbler and implement one of our perfected techniques, creating an entire line of merchandise that ranges from spiritual scripture inspired to trendy to witty snark. We use only the best artists supplies, including FDA compliant epoxy to seal in our work. We continue to implement and learn various techniques to enhance each tumbler made. Everyone needs to hydrate daily. We hope to design reusable tumblers with beauty and personality to inspire others.

While we may try to duplicate the same process or design, we readily acknowledge that each tumbler will have unique characteristics. “Perfect imperfection.”

We utilize a variety of mediums throughout our process, such as: paints, both spray and acrylic, alcohol inks, marabou inks, glitter, and epoxy resin sealant. Our base techniques vary through practices such as: hand painting woodgrains and crackle/distressing, hydro-dip swirl designs, fluid art created via drop ink and swing techniques. Even though we use the same colors or patterns, each piece will have its own “fingerprint.”

Recently, we have begun to add decorated lid toppers to some of our tumblers. We use fake ice, glass marbles, jewelry charm pieces, and small toy pieces together, affixed using UV resin to quickly bond each hand placed item.
Additionally, we use old story books and scrapbook papers through a decoupage type technique, and washi tape to frame, creating a unique style of design. While we wish that the beauty of these techniques were enough, we have relied on enhancing our tumblers with various images or sayings utilizing waterslides or permanent vinyl; yet ensuring it is never the majority of any finished product. We do not utilize sublimation nor vinyl wrap techniques.

Being able to create and share these boutique style tumblers has served multiple functions in our lives. First, while we are focused on the creative process, the stress and strain of daily events lessen. Second, by offering a decorative, functional, reusable tumbler, we are helping to reduce the number of single use water and drink bottles thrown into landfills each day. Third, we are able to meet and interact with others, encouraging and inspiring future creators. Fourth, we readily offer tutorials and share our experiences, rather than having a competition. Fifth, we are better, both mentally and spiritually, by having had these opportunities and experiences.

We hope that everyone can find their special way to express themselves with one of our tumblers, or to allow us to create it with them.

Much love,

Debbie (the blonde squirrel) and Michele (the brunette squirrel)